Boogie Jungle Korcula

Boogie Jungle is the top night life destination on the island of Korcula. Our mission is to provide a fun and exciting experience to our guests, therefore we are certain that our guests were happy to spent their night in Korcula dancing in our club.

Boogie Jungle is an open-air lounge club that hosts Croatian and foreign performers of club, house, groove, drum’n’base, lounge and ambiental music, such as JERRY ROPERO, dj LUDVIG, EDDY RAMICH… Our Korkyralis summer festival has defined our club as the top destination for the urban music scene seekers. Please find more information about our summer 2012 program on the following link .

Boogie Jungle is a club with three floors on 1500 m2, located above the city of Korcula surrounded by a pine-tree forest. Capacity of the club is 1500 people.

Please find photos and video shots of our club at the following links: